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I have no problem deleting old projects, apps, photos. I hold onto it all very lightly.

I’ve stopped support for one of my recent projects- a fairly niche- Quote database app, that ended up generating a few thousand pounds in revenue. Nothing crazy. I could have developed it further and really tried marketing it etc.

But at the end of the day, I didn’t want to maintain the code base, I didn’t want to answer any emails. I stopped working on it because it was no longer interesting or exciting.

That is a good metric I think. Does it excite me? If not, you can drop it.

I don’t recommend downloading my apps. I get bored very easily. Things I’ve destroyed over the years

  • Blood Pressure tracking app
  • Anatomy Quiz Platform
  • Journaling App
  • Flappy Bird Clone App

Once things are no longer adding value, it is ok to let them go.

The good thing about destruction is that it creates space for new things.

A word of advice too for future me/ anyone who wants digital longevity—- store everything in plain text. Software comes and goes. Files are forever.