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First time in Scotland.

I thought it would be fun to add a few photos to this with the intention to document more. I’m still in the process of migrating from Instagram and need a good solution to implement a gallery on here.

I stuck to 23mm f2 (35mm equivalent on crop sensor) for that street photography feel. JPEG unedited.


edin1 edin3 edin4 edin5 edin6 edin7 edin8 edin9 edin10

I’m at one of those transitory periods in life. Family dynamics have changed. My sister and I are both adults, and this is one of the last family trips before she moves out. I cherish this time I spent with both of them.

Random observations about Edinburgh

  • The architecture is beautiful
  • People are beautiful - everyone dresses so nicely. It did help that the weather was perfect.
  • It’s interesting how quickly you acclimatise to new environments. What was stunningly beautiful on day 1 hour 1 - became the norm on day 2. Part of awe and seeking joy is to see as a child does– with new eyes in each moment. Taking photos helps you pay attention to this.
  • Edinburgh is a small place
  • It’s a walkable city.
  • The parliament building - why

edin11 edin12 edin13 edin14 edin15 edin16

Glencoe and Highlands

glen1 glen4 glen3 glen2 glen5

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